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How much does it cost to ship a car?

What is auto transport?

Auto transport is the secure transport of a vehicle from its current location to the delivery location. Vehicle shipment can be through open-air transport, and some can be ocean transport. Auto transport services are required for heavier vehicles, such as trucks and trailers.

Auto transport services exist all over the country. Some of these auto transport companies deal with both domestic and international shipments. They specialize in international moves across and within the country. They also can load and unload your vehicle at the pickup location as needed.

Auto transport can be arranged directly through the auto transport industry or an auto shipping broker. Using an auto transport broker will allow you to compare several carriers at once and estimate transport truck average cost. With an auto transport broker, you will have to tell them information about your vehicle, shipping time and shipping dates so they can get you top sample quotes from each of the carriers that use their shipping service. It may take several days for you to receive a shipping quote.

When transporting your car, you have three transport types:

  • Shipping via auto transport carrier,
  • auto transport trailer,
  • international shipping.

The most popular shipping method is shipping your vehicle via a car carrier. Many benefits make this the safest and most affordable option for long-distance moves.

The minimum shipping prices for a car

The average shipping cost for a car is determined by the size of your vehicle and weight. The smaller your vehicle, the cheaper the shipment costs. Domestic pickup of a car from one state and hauling it to another state will have affordable prices than picking up the vehicle from automobile dealerships and hauling it to another country.

Factors that determine car shipping costs

Many factors determining car shipping costs change depending on what shipping company you choose to use. One carrier can give an instant quote at a moderate price, while the next carrier prohibits the given route because of the risk of damage. However, some factors remain consistent among most carriers and can be used as pricing guidelines. These are;

  • The types of vehicles you are shipping: Certain cars can have different options that affect their overall size and impact shipping costs. If you have classic or exotic vehicles, they will most likely have high shipping rates than to haul than one that is brand new and not highly modified.
  • Size of the vehicle: A vehicle with a larger size will be more expensive to ship than a vehicle with a small size. This will determine the cost of the shipping fee.
  • Distance determines the cost to ship a car: Shipping companies will consider the distance before giving you an instant quote. For example, if you have to drop off your auto in Los Angeles and then go straight to Denver, you will have to pay more because Los Angeles is farther than Denver. It will cost more to haul the vehicle because of the shipping distance.
  • The number of vehicles: the amount it will cost for single-car shipping will be less than the price of vehicles more than one. Two vehicle shipping costs maybe twice the rate of one car, though there might be a discount.

How does carrier bid affect shipping cost?

Auto Transport Carriers bid on each other the same way anyone else does when looking for work. They do this by submitting a bid on the load. This makes it competitive for the people that need help transporting their vehicles.

So, if you want to find out the cheapest way to ship your car, you should check out all Auto Transport companies first and then go with the company with the minimum shipping costs.

If a broker arranges your shipping, the broker will check the bids each carrier places on your vehicle; they will now pick the carrier with the lowest bid to help ship your car. If the instant quote is the amount the chosen carrier bid, then you don’t have to pay for extra charges, and if otherwise, your shipping fee will increase.

FAQ on car shipping cost

  • What is the best way to ship a car?

The best way to ship a car is to find a reputable auto transport company that has been in business for many years, has good customer reviews and customer experience, and knows how to provide quality customer service.

  • How long does it take to ship a car?

It depends on each carrier. The best way to figure out how long a given shipment will take is to request an estimate from several carriers. Extra miles can also determine how long it will take to ship a car.

  • What is the safest place for transporting cars?

The safest place for your vehicle is at your destination port. The best place for your car is not always the safest place for you. Sometimes, if your carrier has to move your vehicle under unsafe conditions, they will contact you and let you know so you can decide whether or not it is safe to move the car. But it is always better to make sure they can do so safely before they haul your vehicle off. You can find out how safe it is to move a car in your area by looking at some available information.

  • What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

Car shipping costs are extremely dependent on where you live and how far you need to ship your vehicle. Therefore, it is important to compare costs from a reputable auto transport company that has been in strong business practices for many years. This will ensure that you get the best shipping quote for your car.

  • Can I save money if I choose an online auto transport service?

It’s more expensive to send a vehicle by open-air transport, but it’s also much faster and more flexible than ground transportation. While you may be able to save money by hiring an online service, it is important to compare the approximate cost carefully to get the best deal.


Many factors will determine the average price of your auto transport, such as weight, distance, delivery locations, vehicle type, and carrier. Car shipping services via carrier are among the safest ways to transport your car. Book your shipping with the reliable and best auto shipping company, and you are good to go.