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How to Know the Charity to Contact for Your Donations

There are many things to know about charitable organizations; this article will help you learn how to find a qualified organization and how to make qualified contributions that help needy individuals’ payment methods.

What Is A Charitable Organization?

Charitable organizations are a qualified organization that provide services to needy individual. They can be nonprofit organization or government agencies. Charitable funds are not just limited to helping people with physical needs like wholesome food or shelter. Some charities help people with donor-advised funds, vacation trip, personal purposes, etc.

 Items You Can Donate To a Charitable Organizations

There is no limit for contribution. Your initial contribution could be to donate books to a library. additional contributions can be item of clothing, Household items, Jewelry, Medical equipment, money, Office supplies, charitable activity, real estate, and contributions for individuals

Types Of Charitable Organizations

There are many different types of charities. Each one serves a different purpose, which helps fulfill a need in society. Here are just a few examples:

  • Educational Charities

Educational organizations focus on helping children and young adults develop for educational purposes through charitable funds. Examples include schools, universities, and educational organizations

  • Religious Charities

Religious charities focus on serving the spiritual needs of people and limited funds. Examples include association of churches, church deacon and religious organizations.

  • Humanitarian Charities

They focus on helping people in qualified disaster. Examples include a deduction for travel expenses, homeless shelters, disaster relief agencies, and medical clinics.

  • Medical Charities

Donating amounts to help sick people with limited funds by providing them with medicine, contributions of food inventory, and other healthcare services,

How to Find Out If Your Charity Is Tax Exempt

Some charities are not tax-exempt organizations; if you want to know if your charity helps in a tax return or deduction for clothing, you can use these tips;

  • If a charity is tax-exempt, it will say so on its website or in the mail that it sends you when you donate to them.
  • Contact your legitimate charities directly for your charitable deductions, and it’s a special rule.
  • Check out the Charity Navigator website for qualified organizations and charitable program.


How to Know a Charity Scam

There are some fake charities. How do you know if a donation center is fake charities or not? Find out here!

  • Legit donation centers

Legitimate donation centers follow all the rules and regulations set by government agencies on charities program. They also ensure that only qualified contributions are donated.

  • Scams

Scam artists may use fake names and websites. They might ask for personal information from potential donors, such as bank account numbers and credit card statement. If you ever get contacted by someone who asks you for your personal information and intellectual property, it could be scam artists!

  • Do some research on the charity

Before making any contribution to charity, you should check online about the charitable organizations. Read reviews and comments posted by previous donors, and check their annual report. Look at their registration requirements and their commercial fundraiser.

  • Ask questions

Before you decide to make non-cash donation, you should always ask questions as a professional fundraiser. The more questions you ask, the better-informed decision you can make.

  • Check the BBB website

Check the BBB website before you make any donations and noncash contributions. There you can find information about legitimate charities and charities programs.

Are there any federal tax deductions for charitable contributions?

Yes, there are federal tax deductions for charitable contribution deduction. You can deduct up to 50% of your qualified cash contributions. However, keep in mind that not all charities qualify for these tax deductions. Only those that meet certain requirements can claim this charitable deduction.

How to Make Charitable Donations Online

If you want to make charitable donations for business services online, you can do it through different platforms.

  • Giving Websites

These are websites that allow individuals or business service online to make donations. They usually offer various ways to donate, such as PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers of your actual expenses.

  • Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are for the mobile device. They also allow users to make donations using various methods on social media.

Tips for Making Charitable Donations

Making charitable donations does not have to be complicated. It would help to find out which organizations are worthy of your support. Once you determine this, you can start making donations. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Research the Charity Organization

Before donating, research the charity organization. Find out its mission statement, goals, and reporting expenses for the future. Also, check whether the organization has been involved in fraudulent activities.

  • Determine Your Donation Amount

After researching the charity organization, decide on your donation and the cost. If possible, try to match the level of the organization’s needs with your budget.

  • Choose How to Give

After determining your donation amount, choose how you would like to give. There are many ways to make donations, including cash, article of clothing, indirect costs, and charitable activity.

  • Contact the organization administrator

Contact the office of the secretary of the charity and ask them when they will receive your donation amounts. This way, you can ensure that your gift reaches the right hands.

  • Follow Up

Make sure that you follow up after making your donation. Check if the organization received your donation disbursement, and if so, how long it took. Check your financial report? Did the organization respond well to your request?

How to Find out If Your Charity is a qualified organization

Charity Navigator is a charity evaluator. It evaluates all public charity. You can search their database to see if your charity is a qualified organization.

 FAQ On Charitable Organization

  • Are there any tax deduction for giving to charity?

Yes. There are tax deductions if you file for your deduction in return after direct donations. This can also include non-cash donations, pocket expenses, and deductible travel expenses. 

  • Do I need to be a member of a particular religion to become a charity?

No. Anyone can register as a charity. Donations can be made after disaster relief. You can also be making annual payment for the donation cycle to be a professional fundraiser


Charitable contributions help a needy individual during a natural disaster. Research the charities program before deciding to donate and charitable contribution deduction. Choose how you would like to make your donation amounts and your deduction in return. Follow up after making direct donations.