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The Ultimate Checklist for Working with Local Movers in Chicago

Have you thought about how to minimize stress and maximize efficiency during your move to Chicago?

In Chicago, where the hustle and bustle can add stress to any move, having a solid plan and the right local movers on your side is crucial.

This checklist will guide you through each step of working with local movers in Chicago, ensuring a smooth and efficient moving process.

Choose the Right Local Movers in Chicago

  • Research and compare: Start by researching local moving companies. Look for movers with good reviews and positive feedback on their punctuality, efficiency, and handling of belongings. Websites, social media platforms, and local forums can offer insights into customer experiences.
  • Check credentials: Ensure that the movers are licensed and insured. This is crucial for protecting your belongings during the move. You can typically find this information on the company’s website or by asking them directly.
  • Get Quotes: Obtain quotes from multiple companies to compare prices. Be wary of quotes that are significantly lower than others, as this could be a red flag. Remember, quality service might come at a premium, but it ensures a hassle-free move.
  • Services Offered: Decide if you need additional services like packing, unpacking, or storage. Some local movers in Chicago also offer long-distance moving services, which is beneficial if you plan a multi-state move.

Planning Your Move with Local Movers

  • Schedule Early: Book your movers as soon as you know your moving date. Last-minute bookings can limit your options and might cost you more. Early booking ensures that you have your preferred date and time, making the process less stressful.
  • Inventory Your Items: Make a detailed list of items you’re moving. This will help you keep track of your belongings and assist the movers in planning the best approach for the move.
  • Discuss the plan: Go over all details with your movers before moving day. Discuss the logistics, including the moving route, parking for the moving truck, and specific handling instructions for delicate items.
  • Prepare Your Home: Make sure your home is ready for the movers. Clear pathways, protect floors and walls, and secure pets in a safe area, or consider a pet-sitting service for the day.

Moving Day: Working with Your Movers

  • Final Walk-Through: Before the movers arrive, do a final walk-through of your home to ensure everything is packed and nothing is left behind.
  • Supervise Loading: While it’s important to trust your movers, supervising the loading process can help ensure that your items are handled carefully.
  • Essentials Box: Pack an essentials box with items you’ll need immediately at your new home, like toiletries, a change of clothes, and basic kitchenware. Keep this box with you rather than on the moving truck.
  • Final Check: Once everything is loaded, do a final check of the moving truck to make sure all your belongings are accounted for and securely loaded.

After the move

  • Unpacking: If you’ve opted for unpacking services, guide the movers on where you would like things placed. This can save you time and effort when organizing your new home.
  • Review the Movers: Provide feedback on your experience. This not only helps the movers improve their services but also assists future customers in making informed decisions.


It’s best to book as soon as you have a moving date, ideally 4-6 weeks in advance, especially during busy moving seasons like summer.

Yes, many local movers also offer long-distance moving services. Be sure to confirm this with your chosen company.

Immediately report any damage to the moving company. Ensure you have before and after photos as evidence, and review your contractual rights for insurance claims.

Using this checklist when working with local movers in Chicago will ensure that your moving process is organized and efficient, from the initial planning to settling into your new home.