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Things to know about U-Haul truck Rental Company


Information about U-Haul trucks will go a long way to help you make the right choice when renting a pick-up truck from truck companies, and it will also reduce accidental damages. With all these facts and tips from this article, you can be sure that you are making the best decision possible when renting a U-Haul truck, either for one-way rentals, one-way moves, or one-way truck. Read on.

U-Haul Truck Rental Company

U_Haul is a best-known truck rental company in the United States with different truck sizes. It is known for its affordable rates and quality customer service. The company offers a wide range of trucks, including cargo vans, cargo insurance, additional cargo coverage, mini-vans, pick-up trucks, and large trailers. They also have specialty vehicles like dumpsters, affordable moving truck, motorcycle trailers, box trucks, vehicle rentals, and dollies.

U-Haul has the best enterprise truck availability with different rental locations, and it’s also one of the companies with the cheapest plan and competitive prices. Unfortunately, U-Haul has overwhelmingly negative customer reviews, average reviews, and unreliable reservations, so it may not be your best long-distance move and truck rental option.

U-Haul Truck Rental Company services

U-Haul Truck Rental Company offers lots of services. Some of the services offered by U-Haul include:

  • Moving supplies – U-Haul provides moving supplies such as packing materials, bubble wrap, tape, blankets, a 26-foot moving truck, etc.
  • Insurance coverage Plans – U-Haul offers insurance coverage for their customers. They issue insurance like auto insurance and additional insurance plans. They also have an auto insurance team.
  • Budget truck rental– they have the biggest truck, box truck rental size, cheap truck rental.
  • Packing supplies_ U-Haul has a great selection of packing supplies that includes moving pads, plastic bags, bubble wrap, assistance with packing, etc.
  • Unloading services:U-Haul also provides unloading services for those who want to load and unload their belongings. This includes loading ramps, hand carts, dollies, and more.
  • Unpacking services:U-Haul offers unpacking services for those who want someone else to unpack their stuff. You can either hire a professional or get a friend to help you. They also offer additional services like moving furniture, lifting heavy objects, delivery trucks, and even cleaning.
  • Donations of equipment:If you donate an item to charity, U-Haul is a good place to donate it because they cover the shipping costs.
  • U-Haul also provides free moving quotes and estimates for anyone interested in hiring their services. This is a budget-friendly move. They also provide free moving advice if you plan to do a big move.
  • U-Haul offers discounts on their services based on how many days you rent the truck. They also have a professional and valid driver.
  • Cargo rental: they have numerous cargo like the following for rental as a cheaper alternative,
  • cargo vans
  • cargo vehicles
  • 10-foot cargo van
  • 5-foot cargo van
  • 5-foot heavy-duty cargo van
  • 12-foot heavy-duty XL cargo van
  • 12-foot high-roof cargo van
  • 7-foot compact cargo van
  • 9-foot cargo van

Factors that will help you choose the most suitable rental truck for you.

If you are planning to rent a U-Haul, then there are certain things that you should consider first as a straightforward process. These factors will help you choose the most suitable rental truck for you.

  • Size of Your Load

The size of your load will determine the size of the truck you will need. If you are going to transport a lot of furniture, appliances, or other big items, you should opt for a bigger truck. Larger trucks are usually better equipped than smaller ones.

  • The Distance You Will Be Travelling

It would help if you also considered the distance you will be traveling determines average gas prices. A longer trip means greater fuel consumption and, therefore, additional cost. Choosing a larger truck with enough space for all your belongings is advisable, which is an additional benefit.

Factors that affect U-Haul prices:

U-haul has affordable rates and cheap rates. Compared to other rental companies, their competitive rate is not high. The following factors determine u-haul affordable prices:

  • Seasonal variation
  • Weather conditions
  • Vehicle condition
  • Truck availability
  • Customer demand

What is the U-Haul insurance plan?

Most people don’t realize that U-Haul offers the cheapest plan insurance coverage for its customers like basic coverage plan, protection plans, basic plan, additional insurance plan, and roadside assistance plan. U-Haul insurance covers almost all damages like mechanical damage except damage caused by fire or theft. What is covered under U-Haul insurance?

  • Damage to the vehicle (excluding loss due to theft)
  • Loss of personal property
  • Collision damage waiver
  • Personal injury or death
  • Medical expenses


The following are the cons of u-haul:

  • The trucks are too big for most places
  • It takes a long time to load and unload

The following are the prons of u-haul:

  • Most widely available
  • More size vehicle options than Budget or Penske
  • Low prices, affordable option but not the cheapest.

Where and How to Return Your U-Haul Rental Tractor Trailer

If you rented a tractor-trailer from U-Haul, you must return it to their location. If you rented a single unit, you need to return it to the nearest U-Haul office. You cannot return it to a different location at all U-Haul locations nationwide


  • Will I get a discount on my next rental if I have used U-Haul in the past?

  1. Yes, you can get a discount on your next rental if you have used U-Hau l in the past.
  • Can I use my credit card to pay for my U-Haul rental?

  1. Yes, they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club cards.
  • Can you cancel the U-Haul reservation?

  1. Yes, you can cancel your reservation before the day of pick up. You can also call customer service and ask them to cancel your reservation. You might not be able to cancel after the day of pick up unless you paid in full.
  • How much does U-Haul charge for the cancellation fee?

  1. U-Haul charges no cancellation fee. However, you will have to pay for the mileage you drove before canceling.


U-Haul is one of the best companies to rent a truck because they provide great service at reasonable rates. They also make sure that the customer gets what he/she wants. So, if you are looking for a reliable truck rental company, go ahead and give U-Haul a try.